Pastor Shay Rankhorn Ordained

Written by Jeremiah Owen

November 20, 2013

Friends and Relatives gathered at Shepherd’s Fold Ministry SDB Church in Johnson City, TN, on Sabbath morning, November 16, to worship, praise and thank God, and to participate in the ordination ceremony for Pastor Shay Rankhorn.  

People gathered from TN, AL, GA, WV, OH and WI.

Rankhorn, Shay 11-16-13

Rankhorn, Shay ordination 2

Deacon Bill Palmer welcomed those present.  And we began the time of worship and celebration. Participants on the platform included Nathan Crouch, Jeff Hargett, Gordon Lawton, Brenda Rankhorn, Shay Rankhorn, Darwin VanHorn, Dale Thorngate, Leigh Anne Crouch, Rob Appel and Charles Thomas.

Nine ordained pastors and deacons came forward for the consecration prayer and the laying on of hands.  Brenda Rankhorn was encouraged to join her husband for the prayer.  It was noted that in Numbers 8:10, when the Levites were set aside, all Israel laid their hands on them.  So those preset were encouraged to lay hands on Pastor Shay and give him a word of encouragement. 

A wonderful meal of sharing followed with time for fellowship and encouragement. 

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