Like an Old Message in a Bottle

Written by Kevin Butler

December 6, 2013

The Conference received an e-mail earlier this week that made me feel like I was getting a response from a long-forgotten message in a bottle.

It came from New Zealand:



“I was looking through some literature that I received in January 2002. Yes, you read the date correctly. They are still in perfect condition as though they had just arrived in the mail today.

“Reading through them cheered me up as I was feeling somewhat lost spiritually—actually very lost. They are [the tracts and Recorders are listed].I thought it best to give you a reply of thanks as this literature received nearly 12 years ago appears to be the Lord’s doing. I really like “Journey of a Lifetime.”

“Thank you all so very much and I do accept and receive Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Saviour, readily admitting myself as a lost sinner and repenting of these sins, asking for forgiveness in Jesus’ Name who came in the flesh. A special thank you to Mr. Kevin Butler who was kind enough to send the literature.”



May we not lose hope, and keep planting seeds—and sending out ‘messages in a bottle’ (or, shouts from the rooftop).

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