Written by Jeremiah Owen

January 6, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014   Do the Word  by Bethany Chroniger

Scripture: Romans 2:13

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       As Paul said, we are not to be just hearers of the Word, but also doers of the Word. It is good to know scripture, but just having knowledge and not actually doing anything with the knowledge is useless. To apply the knowledge that we do have can be challenging at times, but we are only held accountable for doing what we know.

       Many times in my life I have read the Bible or heard a sermon that was convicting, yet it did not change my everyday actions. So many times I have read the Bible and instead of letting the words sink into my heart and plant roots, I let them be planted near the surface where it grows up quickly then withers quickly (Matthew 13).

       I grew up in the church but still have to reread the Bible with a new lens and be careful not to think that I already know everything. I have to realign my life to make sure it is lining up with the Word of God, instead of picking verses that could support my own perspectives.


Am I a doer of the Word, or am I just a hearer?


Father, Help me be a person who follows Your Word and actually does what it says. Forgive me when I fall short, and thank You for Your grace when I don’t get it right. Forgive me when I mishandle Your Word and help me to become someone who can properly handle Your Word of Truth. Amen

Pray for our brethren in Europe:

       The Netherlands, Poland, England and all other new fields in that region like France and Estonia.

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