7 Reasons for a 7th Day Baptist Church Planting Conference

Written by Jeremiah Owen

January 24, 2014

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(A list of why we need this conference, by Executive Director Rob Appel. To be held at Alfred Station, NY, April 28-May 3. Links to register are below.)

We need a Church Planting Conference so we can understand all of the nuances and roles that are involved. And you need a Church Planting Conference so you know what your role is. Many people think since they are not the “Planter” they have no vested interest. So, what is your role from this list below?

  1. The Planters– This is a key role and the one that is most focused on in Church Planting. Often the church planter is selected from within the organization and has already bought into the vision, values and beliefs of the sponsoring organization. The existing relationship allows for a close working relationship between the “mother” and “daughter” churches.
  2. The Sponsor– The sponsor plays the role as the “mother.” This can be a church, an Association, or the Denomination. The sponsor’s role is to mentor and support the church with the “tools” it takes to successfully plant a new church.
  3. The Pastor– The pastor of the new church is the “glue.” They are the ones to hold all the pieces of the endeavor together. The Pastor and Planter may be one and the same. If so, there needs to be a way to keep this person from “burning out.”
  4. The Core Team– This size of this varies. They can come from a single existing church, multiple existing churches, or from around the denomination. They are the primary support for the Church Planter.
  5. The Prayer Warrior– This is self-explanatory.
  6. The Giver– Where is the funding for the new church coming from? Givers! People who financially support this effort.
  7. The Encourager– These can be from multiple people. They are the ones who help keep up the spirits of those who are in the trenches. They have words that inspire and statements that edify.


Convinced to attend and be involved? Cost is only $75. To register on-line, click here.


If you want to fill out the paper form and mail it in, it’s in the February Sabbath Recorder on page 13. The on-line Recorder can be found here.

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