4 Year Mission to Haiti – Suttons Waiting to Embark

Written by Jeremiah Owen

February 5, 2014

Joel and Laura Sutton, commissioned by the Lost Creek SDB Church in West Virginia, are close to living their calling and dream; to be long term missionaries to Haiti. Their intention is to move into the mission field of south-western Haiti via a sending agency by summer 2014, and remain there for the next 4 years. The SDB Missionary Society is supporting this mission and encourages others to support the Suttons, in order for them to go and remain in their Haitian ministry for the full term.


The objectives of the mission include them learning Haitian Creole and/or French in order for Joel, a retired teacher, to facilitate programs such as schools, feeding, and home building. While Laura, a retired nurse, aims to work alongside local health care professionals.

Please help support these SDBs as they join in taking the light of Christ to the Haitians.

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

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