Team on the way to Ethiopia

Written by Jeremiah Owen

February 6, 2014

The SDB Missionary Society is sending a short-term mission team from the U.S. to Africa (Gambella, Ethiopia). The team is traveling to Ethiopia today with the goal of helping to build a Seventh Day Baptist Church there.

The team plans to support the existing congregation with the construction of a building, and training of church leaders. The Boulder, Colo., SDB Church has already provided funds to cover the construction!

The team of six people includes two Sudanese translators from the U.S. They will spend 3 weeks in Gambella, and ask that you consider praying for and contributing to the work there.

More Information is available at

Ethiopia team at Dulles Mission Ethiopia copy_0

Construction Team:

Ward Bond – Shiloh, New Jersey SDB

Craig Mosher – Berlin, New York SDB

Pastor/Leader Training Team:

Rev. David Stall – Hopkinton, Rhode Island SDB

Pastor Garfield Miller – SDB Conference of Jamaica

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