Snow? No! Daytona Beach, here we come!



While sorting through some old papers, and lamenting over yet another dumping of snow to walk and drive through, I discovered a sheet of old ditties written to promote our church down in Daytona Beach, Florida. We ran a couple of these as ads in the Sabbath Recorder years ago.

The timing seems right to share some with you today. These may or may not have been written by Norma Rudert. Enjoy!

Have you had it with snow? Don’t know where to go?

You’ll find a warm welcome in the Daytona Beach Church.


Down in Daytona you’ll love the sea breeze,

And on top of that the warm SDBs;

Come visit or stay, it’s fine either way.

Welcome to the Daytona Beach Seventh Day Baptist Church.


When a snowbird leaves his frozen nest,

He craves a warm spot and much-needed rest.

The ocean breeze and good SDBs

Are all right here, so come and be blessed!

Welcome to the Daytona Beach Seventh Day Baptist Church.


If you’re in those golden years

And you know it’s time to switch some gears,

Don’t be down in the mouth, you need to head south!

Retire in Daytona Beach and we’ll see you in church.


Daytona’s the place to grow old with grace,

For we never quit—just slow down a bit.

If you retire in the south or take a vacation,

You’re welcome to this congregation!

Daytona Beach Seventh Day Baptist Church.

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