SCSC teams announced for 2014

Written by Jeremiah Owen

March 6, 2014

SCSC logo_22014 is the 50th year of the Summer Christian Service Corps. Sponsored by the SDB Women’s Board, SCSC has trained and sent out hundreds of college-age students to our local churches and camps since 1964. And this year, SCSC is going “international” by sending a team to Jamaica.

Here are the project locations and team members for SCSC and Stained Glass 2014:




Colorado Springs, CO

Project Director Linda Harris

Joshua Lyons*              Toronto, ON 

Willy Villalpando+          Colton, CA

Colton, CA

PD Matthew Lawson

Caleb Gammons+   Texarkana, AR 

Terrance Lewis*           Toronto, ON

Seth Osborn*                Boulder, CO 

Seattle, WA

PD Dave Alldredge

Rebekah Hargett+          Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Lyons*           Toronto, ON

Shiloh, NJ

PDs Lauren DuBois, Jennifer Chroniger

Tacy Camenga+                Milton, WI

Josiah Lynch*                 Toronto, ON 


Stained Glass


Nathan Crowder+          Boulder, CO

Jennifer Brown^            Ashaway, RI

Khalen Green*    Dodge Center, MN

Logan LaGesse^    New Auburn, WI

Gabriela Alonzo+   Falls Church, VA

Tim Lawton+                  Ashaway, RI

Karissa St. Clair^                Milton, WI


SCSC Jamaica

Lindsay Crouch+          Bay Area, CA

Lauren Telford+          Texarkana, AR 

Cheyane Blevins+              Milton, WI

Elizabeth Camenga+         Milton, WI


* – Rookie

+ – Veteran

^ – Rookie SG Member, but Veteran SCSC

PD- Project Director

Location- Team member’s home church 


Please be in prayer for all of the students, staff and churches involved in these summer projects.

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