Conference Host Comm info

Written by Jeremiah Owen

March 20, 2014

Here’s some handy contact info for this year’s Conference Host Committee.

ChooseLogo CLR_0General Conference 2014

Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota

July 27 – August 2

[On Facebook at SDB Conference 2014]


2014 Conference Host Committee

Chairman – Madelyn Neher 

     507-633-2887 home  507-272-1750 cell

Assistant Chairman and 

     Facilities Coordinator – Pastor Bill Shobe

     507-418-4126 home  507-279-3826 cell

Registrar – Althea Rood      

     507-633-2772 home  720-382-3325 cell

Assistant Registrar – Linda Greene 

Exhibit Coordinator – Richard Neher

Transportation – Dale Rood 

     507-633-2772 home

Reception and 

     Banquet Coordinator – Karen Payne       

     507-528-2577 home

Stage Manager – Marcus Ingram     

     608-617-3197 cell


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