SDB legacy (and SR) continues

Written by Jeremiah Owen

April 9, 2014

Laptop computer displaying e-mail message; hands on keyboard

Laptop computer displaying e-mail message; hands on keyboard

Yesterday I received this e-mail. While most of the Sabbath Recorders are mailed out each month to church members, a good chunk of them go to non-SDBs. We are thankful for this kind testimony:


I have continued my mother’s subscription for the past seven years, following her passing. Now I am thinking that it would be easy for me to read the Sabbath Recorder on-line. Therefore, would you take me off the mailing list?

Even though I am not a member of the SDB denomination, I have felt the Recorder kept me “connected” to my family’s history. Thank you so much for your great work in keeping this publication going for so many years and providing so much history, in which so many of my relatives and ancestors were a part of.


Our THANKS go out to all of our supporters who help keep us connected with church members and beyond!

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