Be Witnesses … Continues

Written by Jeremiah Owen

May 12, 2014

1528673_549751035113551_1507716956_nIn case you missed the “Be Witnesses – Church Planting Conference”, which was held at the Alfred Station SDB Church, below is what attendee Pastor Ken Chroniger had to say:

“It was an eye opening experience to be a part of the “Be-Witnesses – Church Planting Conference”.   As Pastor of an established church, I found the major themes to be applicable to present ministry.

     The three themes that effected me were:

  1. Measurement and ways of understanding and crossing barriers to the culture in which one wishes to convey the Gospel from the vantage point of the culture in which one’s Faith lives.
  2. A tool of measuring ministry as to its outreach. The use is through concentric circles  representing Jerusalem, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. The ministries of a congregation are then honestly placed in the circle to audit the heart and life of the assembly.  The uniqueness of this tool is that it is used every two years
  3. It was important to have a person who has done the work of church planting both individually and in denominational leadership. Because of this knowledge every question ask was answered straight forwardly without “beating around the bush”.

 As we left the conference, I had a feeling that it was a watershed moment in the General Conference history. A moment that could propel us into a new era in serving in the Kingdom of God.”

You can download the summary notes here for reference.

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