Happy 170th, SR!!

Written by Jeremiah Owen

June 13, 2014

Birthday cake  Also available in black-and-white, 044_9801     A special day   Happy Birthday cents.

Birthday cake Also available in black-and-white, 044_9801 A special day Happy Birthday cents.

It happens every year. I get a lovely homemade card in the mail reminding me of something that has crept up and would likely be forgotten without that reminder: the anniversary of the “birth” of The Sabbath Recorder!

And this one is kind of a big deal—it marks the 170th year of publishing this denominational periodical. On June 13, 1844 the first Sabbath Recorder was printed and mailed from New York City. It remains as one of the oldest continuous religious publications in the country.

The Recorder began as a weekly newspaper, went to a pamphlet-sized weekly, and became the monthly magazine we know it as today. So many words and ideas have been shared over the years, and we pray that many lives and ministries have been enhanced by our work.

I am grateful for the vast number of writers who have contributed many fine articles. I am also thankful for all of the editors and staff members who have paved the way for today’s magazine ministry. Happy Birthday, Sabbath Recorder!!

Editors of The Sabbath Recorder

George B. Utter  (1844-1857; 1860-1872)

2 different committees during interim

Nathan V. Hull  (1872-1881)

Lewis A. Platts  (1882-1893)

Leander E. Livermore  (1893-1898)

Abram Herbert Lewis  (1898-1907)

Theodore L. Gardiner  (1907-1931)

Herbert C. Van Horn  (1931-1945)

K Duane Hurley  (1945-1947)

Hurley S. Warren  (1947-1952)

Leon M. Maltby  (1953-1973)

John D. Bevis  (1973-1982)

D Scott Smith  (1982-1989)

Kevin J. Butler  (1989-2014)

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