We Glorify Thy Name…Available Again!

Written by Jeremiah Owen

July 14, 2014

God of the SabbathSeventh Day Baptists have long been a musical people.  From our earliest origins in England, there have been hymn writers and psalm singers among us.  The result of this has been a long musical tradition.

From the Stennett family in England to the evangelistic quartets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the Stained Glass ministries of the current General Conference to the music of Citizen Way, two members of which were brought up in our churches, we have been a musical people.

Today, we have added one resource to our Additional Resources page which is still in use in many SDB churches but is not widely available in print–“We Glorify They Name.”

Society Life Member Jim Skaggs has written a short history of the volume on his personal blog which I encourage you to read if you need more information about this resource, but we hope that encountering “We Glorify Thy Name” will aid you in encountering the distinctive flavor of SDB music.

To view or download the volume, check out the Historical Society’s webpage here!

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