Christian Education Sabbath: 2014 (Stewardship)

Written by Jeremiah Owen

July 20, 2014

2014_cees_buletin_cover_iconChristian Education Sabbath materials are now posted on the Board of Christian Education website and available for your use. Here is the cover letter for this year’s materials.

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord:                                                   

20 July 2014

Christian Education Sabbath is a time to focus on the education ministries in your local church. Set aside a Sabbath; Encourage people to participate in the ways your church helps people grow.

The recommended date for Christian Education Sabbath this year is September 6. It is the first Sabbath after Labor Day. If the 6th doesn’t work for your church, consider using the materials at another time.

The focus of this year’s material is stewardship—exalting Christ as creator, sustainer, ruler, and owner.

We have included a bulletin cover, a responsive reading, a bulletin insert (thought starter), a children’s message, a Sabbath Visitor, a skit, and an empty tri-fold that could be used to list ways your church encourages Christian Education. This packet of information can be downloaded at <>.

May God continue to make His presence and power known in His church through the ministry He has given to you.

In Christ,

Andrew J. Camenga

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