General Council to Meet This Weekend in Shiloh, NJ

Written by Jeremiah Owen

September 19, 2014

GC_Formal_2014_3260The General Council will be meeting in Shiloh, NJ this weekend. With more changes happening following the resignation of Rev. Gordon Lawton (see here), we will be continuing our discussions on the staffing, strategy, and structure of the future of our General Conference. This is also our annual planning meeting where we evaluate the previous General Conference sessions, assign the action items given to us by Conference, and spend some time in prayer determining where God would have us go next.

We covet your prayers as we continue moving forward. 

This weekend, we will be:

  • Evaluating the feedback gathered through our survey of 2014 General Conference attenders
  • Continuing to plan through transitions for 2015
  • Discussing our next steps in church development based upon action taken by the General Conference
  • Appointing some positions for the coming Conference year (obituaries coordinator, etc.)
  • Making a plan to communicate our “sandbox” ideas to SDB leadership
  • Reviewing reports from boards, agencies, committees, and executives
  • Praying for our churches, agencies/allied societies, executives and staff
  • Discussing many more topics

Please lift our travels and meetings in your prayers. It is a joy and honor for the General Council to serve SDBs. If you have anything that you would like the General Council to discuss, pray about, or hear about or if your church would be interested in hosting one of our meetings, please feel free to contact me at john.j.pethtel AT gmail DOT com.

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