T&CC Meeting Round-Up

Written by Jeremiah Owen

October 28, 2014


The weather was beautiful, the travel was safe and the work was plenty! This year’s T&CC meeting led by chairman Johnmark Camenga, dove right into some the issues facing us in just about every area T&CC touches, from the Sabbath Recorder to our tracts, many things need attention and attention they received!

We had encouraging reports from interim Sabbath Recorder editor Pat Cruzan on how well the redesign has been received and had some lively discussion into some new ideas and visions for the Sabbath Recorder. Also encouraging were reports that our social and emerging media audience has grown by leaps and bounds, in July during Conference we reached 4,000,000 impressions on Facebook alone. An impression is a time when any Facebook user could have potentially seen any content associated with our Page in their News Feed or Ticker or by visiting our Page directly. For comparison that is roughly half the audience for game one of this year’s World Series!

T&CC will be meeting digitally (via WebEx/GoToMeeting) more often, as we look towards moving quickly and efficiently from concept to execution for each initiative and item we have been entrusted with. The breadth of life experiences, locales, and personalities are a fantastic blessing for the council, providing us with a diverse set of opinions and knowledge, in a way that is representative of SDBs from coast to coast.

We look forward to sharing more with everyone very soon as we progress on important pieces of our way forward.

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