2015 SCSC Assignments Announced!

Written by Jeremiah Owen

March 6, 2015

The SCSC Committee of the SDB Women’s Board announces these assignments:

Ashaway, RI–Nadine Lawton, Project Director

     Elisabeth Lawson–Colton, CA (1st year)

     Jonathan Lyons–Toronto, Canada (2nd year)

Bay Area, CA–Rebecca and Lindsey Crouch, Co-Project Directors

     Rebekah Hargett–Metro Atlanta, GA  (3rd year)

     Michaella Osborn–Boulder, CO (1st year)

     Karissa St. Clair–Milton, WI (3rd year–1 year in Stained Glass)

Janesville, WI–Nick Kersten, Project Director

     Elianna Chroniger–Alfred Station, NY  (1st year)

     Josiah Lynch–Toronto, Canada (2nd year)

New Auburn, WI–Steve Shackleton, Project Director

     Jayson Dailey–Southeast East Atlanta, GA (1st year)

     Willy Villilpando–Colton, CA (3rd year)

South East Atlanta, GA–Sharon Dailey, Project Director

     Nathan Crowder–Boulder, CO (5th year–1 year in Stained Glass)

     Bethany Rihn–New Auburn, WI (1st year)

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