Seventh Day Baptist World Federation Session: Brazil 2017

Written by Jeremiah Owen

March 25, 2015


Andy Samuels, General Secretary of the SDB World Federation sent the following:

“In less that two years, the next Seventh Day Baptist World Federation Sessions will be held in Brazil; January 22-28, 2017 to be exact. The Pre-Registration process has begun, and all 18 of our member conferences have been sent pertinent information and an invitation to name their delegates for this important gathering.

We are looking forward to an exciting week of worship, study, prayer, fellowship, ministry, and business as delegates from all the continents of the world except Antarctica, will assemble to celebrate the bond we have in Jesus Christ, and the unique distinctives we affirm and share as Seventh Day Baptists. On the other hand, with such a gathering, allow yourself to imagine the richness and diversity of culture and language, as we marvel at the wisdom and creativity of our God. The World Federation President, Dr. Dale Thorngate, is already busily engaged in coordinating the program for the week.

The energetic, and hardworking Chairman of the Host Committee, Douglas Machado, has already begun to prepare for the international influx of Seventh Day Baptists who will descend on Brazil in January 2017. A website has been specifically created for the event, which can be accessed at This is in addition to the general World Federation website, which is

If you don’t have the opportunity to be named as a delegate from your conference, there is still room for you. You may attend as an observer at your own expense, and your experience will be just as enriching and fulfilling.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the World Federation, you may do so by sending a check to the Treasurer, Mr. Gavin Fox, P.O. Box 7755, Silver Spring, MD 20907, USA or by using paypal at

Please watch this space and other media for more details as they become available.


I encourage all Seventh Day Baptists worldwide to begin to make plans to be in Brazil in less than two years.

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