SDB World Federation April 2015 Update

Written by Jeremiah Owen

April 10, 2015


“The Kingdom of God is like…” will be the theme for SDB World Federation sessions in Curitiba, Brazil, January 22-28, 2017. In preparation for that emphasis, it will also be the theme for the SDB Week of Prayer, January 3-9, 2016, with daily devotions on Jesus’ teaching about God’s Kingdom. Jesus said that teaching about the Kingdom was a primary purpose for his coming into our world.

As World Federation General Secretary, Pastor Andy Samuels noted here last month, he is busy with Sessions arrangements including communication with member conferences as they select their Sessions delegates. My role as President is to select the theme and arrange the daily schedule, selecting Bible study leaders, evening speakers, and business arrangements. We are both grateful for the Internet to enable communication with the busy host committee in Brazil and all others involved in preparations. Please pray with us during the planning time as we all seek God’s Kingdom first.

Dale D Thorngate
Seventh Day Baptist World Federation

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