Conference Information Roundup

Written by Jeremiah Owen

July 20, 2015

It’s almost that time…. the time for Conference! We thought we would share some links to info to keep you plugged in all week.


Quick Conference Contact info:

2015 Host Committee (in Good Shepherd Chapel)

Chair: Steve Moncrief (609) 805-1547
Registrar: Sandy Layton (609) 364-2071
Treasurer: Tom Davis
Transportation: Ward Bond
Medical: Sharon Campbell
Exhibits: Bethany Chroniger
Receptions/Banquets: Cathy Dixon
Stage Manager: Ron Campbell

2015 Conference Participants

Business Coordinator: Ken Chroniger, President-Elect
Parliamentarian: Andrew Camenga
Choir Director: Don Chroniger
Conference Pianist: Charlotte Chroniger
Organist: Thomas Davis
Audio Coordinators: Allen Hauber, Doug Mackintosh
Visuals Coordinator: Joel Osborn
Internet and Social Media: Jeremiah Owen
Courtesies Coordinator: Emily Watt
Credentials Coordinator: Cindy Nadeau
Obituaries Coordinator: Donna Bond
Nursery Coordinator: Joanna Bond
Conference Pastor: Dave Taylor (240) 205-3206

Officers of the General Conference 2014-15

President: William Probasco
President-Elect: Kenneth Chroniger
Business Recording Secretary: Katy Bofinger
Program Recording Secretary: Emily Watt
Corresponding Secretary: Karen Payne
Denominational Treasurer: Ronald Ochs
Executive Director: Robert Appel

General Council members

Term Expiring 2015: Susan Fox
Term Expiring 2016: Dannette Montague
Term Expiring 2017: David Davis (interim)
Term Expiring 2018: Dale Thorngate
Term Expiring 2019: Rod Noel

Agency Executives/Presidents

Christian Education Council: Nicholas Kersten
Church Development & Pastoral Services: John Pethtel
Historical Society: Nicholas Kersten
Memorial Fund Trustees: George Cruzan
Missionary Society: Clinton Brown
Tract & Communication Council: Jeremiah Owen
Women’s Society: Althea Rood
General Conference: Rob Appel




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