SDB History Summer Institute Underway

Written by John Pethtel

August 12, 2015

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Six students have gathered in Janesville, Wis., at the SDB Center for the final week of the “Summer” Institute in SDB History. The students began participating online in February and will submit their final papers by the end of August.

Students are JR Shick (pastor of the White Cloud SDB Church), Nadine Lawton, Clyde Thompson (pastor of the Paint Rock SDB Church), C. Justin Camenga (Assistant Executive Secretary for the SDB World Federation), Owen Lynch (First SDB Church of Toronto), and Tim Bancroft (First SDB Church of Genesee). 

SDB History from our beginnings in the English Reformation to the present is being discussed. The main textbook is the newest edition of A Choosing People written by Don Sanford, former Historian. Janet Thorngate and Nick Kersten are serving as instructors.

It is a good time of learning about this important topic as well as deepening friendships and building new ones. 

This is one of three such classes that teach SDB distinctives. Last year was Sabbath Theology and next year is SDB Polity. If you are interested in taken part in our Summer Institute classes, please contact Nick Kersten, Director of Education & History. 

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