SDB World Federation Week of Prayer–January 3-9, 2016

Written by Jeremiah Owen

November 23, 2015

Since 1967, Seventh Day Baptists around the world have been praying together during the first week of the New Year. Theme for the 2016 Week of Prayer booklet of daily prayer meditations is “The kingdom of God is like…” using Jesus’ teachings to define God’s Kingdom. World Federation President Dale Thorngate is the author of this year’s booklet currently being translated into several languages. “During this 50th Anniversary year for the Federation, we remind each other of the value of long-term international friendships,” Thorngate says. “Despite the terror and fear in our world, we are encouraged to remember the love and peace of God’s Kingdom, available to us and to share.”

WeekOfPrayerCover 2015

World Federation delegates recommend that churches designate an offering for the Federation at least once a year and that member conferences consider designating ten percent of their annual budgets. All contributions may be sent to Mr. Gavin Fox, PO Box 7755, Silver Spring MD 20907 USA or via Pay Pal at

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