Newest Helping Hand Available for Kindle!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

November 30, 2015

The first quarter of 2016 Helping Hand is now available for your digital device!

The Winter Sabbath School Quarter is about to begin and the newest edition of the Helping Hand in Bible Study is live on Amazon for your Kindle or other device at a cost of only $2.99. Find it here:

Sacred Gifts and Holy Gatherings
Most of us have amazing memories of family and/or church traditions for celebrating holidays. The purpose of these traditions, at least initially, is to help us remember specific events important to our history – though sometimes we get distracted and shift our focus to the celebration itself. Regardless, traditions have a powerful impact on us, especially at young ages, and represent a wonderful and fun mechanism that can be utilized to pass down our religious heritage to future generations.
The study this quarter takes three different “views” of the theme of tradition, using many passages from both the Old and New Testaments. Included are the traditions by which we honor God, observe special occasions in life, and celebrate holy times together.
I pray your study of these precious Scripture passages will be a true blessing for you this quarter and will inspire you to a deeper commitment to and a more dynamic worship of our amazing Heavenly Father.
To God be the glory,
Steve Osborn
Additional note: we are aware that some international customers may not have received their shipment at this time.  Please contact to make arrangements to receive a digital file of the publication.  Thank you!

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