SDB Churches Challenged to Become Involved in Church Planting

challengeThe Church Planting Task Force (a new subcommittee of the Council on Ministry) recommended a vision to the General Conference to move forward in the work of church planting as well as a challenge to existing SDB churches and their participation in the work of church planting.

The delegates at the 2015 General Conference sessions overwhelmingly approved these items and asked that they be communicated to our churches and their members. 

Vision for SDB Church Planting: The SDB General Conference will mobilize SDB churches and church members to actively advance God’s Kingdom by cooperating together to plant new churches. We will create a movement of member churches and individuals toward this end by challenging them, equipping them, supporting them, and setting them free to pursue God’s leading in this area.

Challenge to All SDB Churches: We challenge every SDB church and fellowship in the US and Canada to prayerfully seek God’s will in the area of church planting and to obey God’s calling to take a new step of involvement by participating in one or more of the following ways:

  • Partnering in prayer with an SDB church plant;
  • Supporting an SDB church plant through finances, lending expertise, or providing manpower;
  • Sponsoring an SDB church plant, either on their own or in cooperation with other churches.

What is the NEXT STEP that your church will take in the work of church planting? If you would like to partner with a church or know what these next steps entail, please contact the Director of Church Development. 

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