SCSC 2016 Teams and Projects Announced!

Written by Jenni Wangsness

March 1, 2016


Ashaway, RI   PD: Beth Brown

  • Randi Gammons, Texarkana, AR (1st year)
  • Dustin Tio, New Auburn, WI (1st year)

Bay Area, CA   PDS: Becky and Lindsay Crouch

  • Moses Lyons, Toronto, Ontario (1st year)
  • Bethany Rihn, New Auburn, WI (2nd year)

Colton, CA     PD: Pastor George Lawson

  • Casey Greene, Berlin, NY (1st year)
  • Jonathan Lyons, Toronto, Ontario (3rd year)

Jamaica      PD: Pastor Garfield Miller

  • Jennifer Brown, Texarkana, AR (4th year)
  • Elisabeth Lawson, Colton, CA (2nd year),
  • Josiah Lynch, Toronto, Ontario (3rd year)
  • Michaella Osborn, Boulder, CO (2nd year)

Mid-Continent Association      PD: Linda Harris

  • Brandon Gumness, New Auburn, WI (2nd year)
  • Sarina Villalpando, Colton, CA (1st year)

New Auburn, WI      PD: Steve Shackelton

  • Caleb Gammons, Texarkana, AR (4th year)
  • Conor Green, Milton, WI (1st year)

Shiloh, NJ      PD: Philip Lawton

  • Jacqueline Murray, Toronto, Ontario (1st year)
  • Willy Villalpando, Colton, CA (4th year)

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