Arrival Delays for Print Copies of Fall 2016 Helping Hands

Written by Nicholas Kersten

August 26, 2016

2016 Q4 (SON) Large Print Helping Hand coverEarlier today on this blog, we provided information for the Kindle version of the Helping Hand.

Unfortunately, the same level of availability will not be provided immediately for subscribers to the print version of the Helping Hand because of continuing difficulties in the printing and the mailing processes involved in the distributions of the publication.  Both our printer and mailing service, due to high volumes of work, have taken longer than anticipated to print and mail the materials, meaning they will not arrive on schedule for use along with the printed dates.  We are aware of the frustration that this means for our subscribers as we continue to try and work through this issues.

As a means of filling the gap for those subscribers who are looking for the material until their printed quarterlies arrive, we are including a link for the first three weeks of the coming quarter’s Helping Hand here on the blog for our subscribers (and, for those who may be interested in the publication but wish to see it before they subscribe).  The link to the PDF file is directly below.

First 3 Weeks of Q4 2016 Helping Hand (September-November)

The next issue of the Helping Hand is already nearing completion on our end as we continue to move our production schedule backwards in an attempt to alleviate these kinds of issues going forward.  In addition, we are working to get firm dates on production schedules and mailing schedules so we can end these unfortunate and frustrating delays going forward.  We appreciate the continued patience of our subscribers as we work to solve this ongoing issue.

The full PDF version of the coming quarters Helping Hand will go on sale on the General Conference’s web store next week.

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