2016-17 Scripture Memory Program Available!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

August 31, 2016

Life on MissionThe 2016-2017 Scripture Memory Program is now available from the Conference President and the Christian Education Council.  The program offers nine months of Scripture to memorize which have been specially selected by our General Conference President, Patti Wethington, as we consider her theme, “Life on Mission: Touching Lives for Jesus.”  You can download the new program literature here.

Reflecting changes in the way the program has been used in different churches, this year we are offering material covering two 9-month periods.  The first group of materials are labeled for use from September to May.  The second group of materials are labeled for use from October to June. The verses for the program are the same and in the same order, just labeled for use over the two different periods.

The material is graded for three levels.  The Primary level is for students aged 5-8.  The Junior level program is for students aged 9-12.  The Youth/Adult program is for ages 13 and over.  As has been the case in previous years, individuals have the option to memorize a designated longer passage of Scripture instead of the monthly selections if they wish.  This year’s longer passage is Isaiah 61.

In keeping with established forms, awards are given to individuals and churches who complete the program.  Individuals completing this year’s program will be eligible to receive individual recognition for their completion of the program in the form of a certificate of recognition.  The single member SDB church with the greatest number of participants will be awarded the Mary G. Clare Scripture Memory Bowl.  A new award, given for the first time at General Conference 2016, the Andrew J. Camenga Scripture Memory Award, is awarded to the church (with a regular attendance of at least 25) with the highest percentage of participants in the program when compared to their average attendance.  To be eligible for this new award, local churches must also have submitted their attendance information for inclusion in the SDB Yearbook.

Reporting completion of the program will be done in June 2017.  A form for print and download will be available on the Scripture Memory page.

Program materials have been mailed in the last couple of days to all SDB General Conference member churches, along with the certificates of completion for those who completed last year’s program.   Local churches should watch their mailbox for these materials, or download them for use directly from the website.


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