Spring 2017 Helping Hand Available Digitally

Written by Nicholas Kersten

February 22, 2017

The Spring Quarter of the Helping Hand, “God Loves Us”, is now available on Kindle for $2.99 or as a PDF download for individual use for $1.99.
From Editor, Steve Osborn: God is love. These words from 1 John 4:8 summarize the central characteristic of our Heavenly Father from which the rest of what we know about Him pours forth. It was also central to His plan to send His one and only Son to reconcile us to Himself so we could have the relationship He created us to have with Him.
God’s love for us is evident in Scripture from the creation of the first humans through God’s constant interactions with individuals and groups of people in their historical circumstances and developments. A survey of select Old and New Testament Scriptures reveals dynamic and encouraging aspects of God’s constant love for humankind.
Unit I, “God’s Eternal, Preserving, Renewing Love,” has four lessons from First John, Ephesians, John, and Joel depicting God’s love for humans as primary and as the source of all love. The lessons show that God’s love overflows, redeems, unites, and renews.
Unit II, “God’s Caring, Saving, and Upholding Love,” has five lessons drawn from Psalms, John, and Romans revealing God as protector, preserver, healer, comforter, and savior of the people.
Unit III, “God’s Pervasive and Sustaining Love,” has four lessons from the Book of Jonah, which highlight God’s unconditional love for humans and the natural world, as well as God’s continuing care and concern for individual and group relationships and developments.

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