SDB Summer Camping Program Info!

Editor’s Note: guest post by Rebecca Olson, Berlin, NY.  Thanks, Becca!)

Do you know a young person with a long stretch of summer vacation ahead? Send them to camp! Our denomination has camp ministries across the country working to tell young people the good news of Christ. Camps give our youth an opportunity to fellowship with other believers, learn more about God’s love and plan for their lives, and take time away from the busyness of life to commune with our Savior. Consider supporting your local camp’s ministry by encouraging the young people you know to attend camp. Following is information about our denomination’s camp dates, fees, and where you can find registration forms. Please also consider supporting camp ministry through prayer as we enter the 2017 camp season.

Association/Camp Name


Cost for Campers

Where to Find Forms

Allegheny Association: Camp Harley-Sutton

Grades 3-5: June 25-30

Grades 6-8: July 2-9

Grades 9-12: July 9-16

Grades 3-5: $100

Grades 6-12: $150

Contact Elianna Chroniger:

Appalachian Association: Camp Joy

Grades 2-4: July 5-9

Grades 5-7: June 25-July 2

Grades 8-12: July 9-16

Grades 2-4: $65

Grades 5-12: $80


Discounts available

Eastern Association: Jersey Oaks Camp

Grades K-3: July 17-21

Grades 4-7: July 9-16

Grades 8-12: July 3-9

Grades K-3: $70 (Day Camp), $90 (Overnight)

Grades 4-12: $130

Eastern Association: Lewis Camp

Grades 3-5: June 24-27

Grades 6-8: June 27-July 1

Grades 3-8: $60


Discounts/scholarships available

Contact Pastor Matt Olson:

Mid-Continent Association: Camp Paul Hummel

Grades 3-5: June 25-30

Grades 6-8: July 9-16

Grades 9-12: July 2-9

Grades 3-12: $150



Mid-Continent Association: Camp Riverview

Grades 4-6: June 25-July 1

Grades 9-12: July 9-16

Grades 4-6: $80

Grades 9-12: $105


North Central Association: Camp Wakonda

Grades 4-6: July 16-21

Grades 7-9: July 9-16

Grades 10-12: July 2-9

First-time Campers: $70

Grades 4-6: $140 ($170 after June 23)

Grades 7-12: $165 ($195 after June 23)


South Atlantic Association: Deep South Camp

Ages 8-17: July 2-9

Ages 8-17: $190


Scholarships available



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