Registration Open for Fall 2017 Pastoral Leadership SDBU Classes!

The Seventh Day Baptist School of Ministry is glad to announce that registration for the Pastoral Leadership Certificate program (a part of the SDBU initiative) is now open for the Fall 2017 term!   Students in the program can register for the classes available this fall here.  The following classes are being offered this fall:

FALL 2017 TERM COURSE OFFERINGS (September 10-December 22, 2017)
SDBU 201 – Pastoral Leadership (November 5-December 22) 
SDBU 210 – Bible Interpretation
SDBU 220 – Old Testament Survey
SDBU 281 – Church Administration and Management (September 10-November 4)

The Pastoral Leadership Certificate program is meant to aid those who are serving in pastoral functions in their local SDB congregation to be equipped with the basic skills and competencies necessary to grow their skill in ministry.  The best candidates for the program are those who:

  • Have completed SDBU’s Lay Leadership Certificate program (or have equivalent training and/or experience)
  • Have felt an internal call from God to serve in pastoral roles (though not necessarily as “a pastor”)…
  • …and have had their internal call affirmed by their local church in an encouragement explore their ministry gifts.

This faculty for this program are pastors and leaders with both competency in the subjects they teach and practical leadership experience in Seventh Day Baptist contexts.  The program employs current SDB leaders to provide training to current and future SDB leaders!

New students wishing to begin their studies can find the application form to the Certificate program here.  Those wishing to begin their studies this fall are advised to apply for admission to the program as soon as possible.

The courses are offered in a format that requires regular, reliable internet access and basic computer skills to successfully complete.  Beginning this fall, we are making broad use of the Canvas learning management system to empower clear communication strategies as well as providing framework for interpersonal interaction with faculty and classmates in the program.  We are employing available technology to make the experience as interactive as possible, as good teaching and learning is clearly more than just knowledge acquisition!   (For more information about the Canvas platform, click here.)

In addition to the required application and technology access, administrative fees and expenses for course materials do apply.  For more information about these fees, please contact Dean Nick Kersten ( for more information.

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