Fall Quarter Helping Hand Materials Available Online!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

August 18, 2017

The Fall Quarter of the Helping Hand, titled “Covenants With God”, is live and available for Kindle on Amazon for just $2.99 (https://tinyurl.com/ycpy9c3h). You may also order a printed copy or download a PDF of the large print version from our web store.

Throughout history, God has chosen to relate to His people through a series of covenants, culminating in the New Covenant, which was established by the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Through that covenant, not only do we have the privilege of experiencing His love and forgiveness, but we also come face to face with His faithfulness and learn what it means to make and keep promises. Our studies this quarter will focus on topics related to God’s covenants. 
Unit I, “Signs of God’s Covenants,” a four-lesson study drawn from Genesis and Ezekiel, celebrates four signs of God’s covenant. Promising to renew the cycle of seasons, God creates the rainbow as a permanent reminder of the covenant with every living thing. Circumcision is the sign of the covenant with Abraham and the Sabbath is the sign of the covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai. The last sign is the Spirit-filled heart. 
Unit II, “Called into Covenant with God” is a five-lesson unit drawn from Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel, and Nehemiah, that illustrates God’s partnership with people who respond and agree to obey God’s voice. God enters into covenant with Abraham, Moses, and David to work through history, establishing a kingdom that will ultimately bring forth the Messiah. Based on the covenant with God, Israel is chosen as God’s special people. 
Unit III, “An Everlasting Covenant” develops four lessons, drawn from Numbers, 1 Samuel, Jeremiah, Hebrews, and 1 Corinthians, that examine the components of the covenant God makes with the priest, Phinehas, and the divine promise to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah. The unconditional divine promises are to maintain a perpetual priesthood, forgive the unfaithful, and establish a new covenant with Israel. God seals this covenant of pure grace through Christ as mediator and by writing the law in the hearts of God’s people.
For those choosing to purchase the PDF from our web store, we encourage you to pay for the number of copies you intend to make and use, not just one copy, as your support of the publication provides for it’s continued existence!  If you love it, support it by paying for it!  Thank you, and blessings as you study the Word of God this quarter.

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