SDB Week of Prayer 2018

Written by Jeremiah Owen

December 1, 2017

This just in from Rev. Andy Samuels:

“Believe it or not! Yes, December has begun. Yes, we are already beginning to speak of the new year. Yes, 2018 is just around the corner. And for Seventh Day Baptists globally, the first full week of the year is an opportunity for us to gather and pray. Since 1967, the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation has been initiating this “week of prayer.” We encourage conferences, local churches, families, and individuals to meet in whatever formats are feasible for you, and spend the first full week of the year in fervent prayer. For 2018, our 51st. year of this international prayer enterprise, the exact week is January 7-13.

As usual, a meditation booklet has been prepared to provide guidance and focus to the times of prayer. The upcoming edition is written by Pastor John Pethtel, World Federation Vice President for North America, and his theme is, “The Meeting Place Was Shaken.” Check with your Pastor or Conference leader for a copy of the booklet, or grab it on SDB LINK (check your iOS or Android app store) or you may download a copy from the World Federation website at

All around the world, January 7-13, 2018, let’s experience the shaking of our meeting places with the prayers of the people of God. God stands ready to shake those meeting places in response to our diligent prayers. In your country, does there need to be a shaking? How about in your church? Or maybe in your own personal life? You can’t afford to miss this shaking.”


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