The Spring Quarter of the Helping Hand, “Acknowledging God” Now Available

Written by Jeremiah Owen

February 26, 2018

The Spring Quarter of the Helping Hand, Titled “Acknowledging God”, is available digitally through our web store and for Kindle HERE.

“Of all the basic decisions we make in life that will shape who we are as a person and how we see the world, the first and most important is the question of whether or not we will acknowledge the existence of God. Too many people in our world try to deny His existence and their lives reflect the sad consequences. As Christians, not only have we made the choice to acknowledge Him, but we have the privilege of living our lives according to His directives and seeing the world through His eyes.

Our study this quarter focuses on ways God’s people have acknowledged the greatness of their God. The quarter begins with guidance for following God. Then, with Easter, we will turn to ways Jesus provided a channel for giving God glory and honor. We will conclude with a look at times when the Hebrew people sang praises to God.

Unit I, “Follow in My Ways,” provides four sessions, drawn from Genesis and Second Chronicles, showing how Abraham and Solomon acknowledged God by following God’s guidance.

Unit II, “All Glory and Honor,” has five sessions. The sessions from Luke and John, deal with how Jesus’ resurrection opened the way to honor God. The visions in Revelation praise God with majestic symbolism.

Unit III, “Give Praise to God,” has four sessions that emphasize the people’s response by bringing offerings and dedicating their lives to God’s work found in Exodus, Leviticus, and 2 Corinthians. The unit concludes with one session drawn from Psalms and Hebrews that rejoices in God’s reconciling action on behalf of the people.”

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