Leith Anderson To Speak at Conference 2018

Written by Jeremiah Owen

May 11, 2018

This just in from 2018 Conference President Dave Stall:

“I’m very pleased to announce another special guest speaker at our General Conference sessions! Leith Anderson will be with us on Thursday. He will speak at the pastors lunch in the afternoon and preach during the evening service. You will be blessed and challenged by his words!

I have asked Leith to speak about “evangelicals taking action” and what that might look like in our lives. Leith is among the most qualified Christian leaders to speak on this topic. He also represents an organization that I think our conference should be associated with, the National Association of Evangelicals.”

Leith Anderson has been president of the National Association of Evangelicals since 2006, and was the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for 35 years. He regularly teaches in seminaries, addresses evangelical concerns with elected officials, and provides theological and cultural commentary to leading news outlets. He has been published in many periodicals and has written over 20 books. Anderson has a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Bradley University and Denver Seminary.

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