SDB Missionary Society Looks For New Chief Executive Director

Written by Jeremiah Owen

November 19, 2018

  The Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society is excited to announce a new leadership position opening: Chief Executive Director. This individual will be responsible for leading, facilitating, and organizing several key positions and programs within the Society. The Board of Directors is looking for someone who is:

• A person of integrity, actively growing in faith and functioning in spiritual giftings

• Passionate for and experienced in missions

• Dedicated to furthering the vision of the Society—to make disciples of all nations

• A strong leader and effective team organizer

• Successful at cross-cultural relationship building

• A highly capable administrator

• Able to work collaboratively with the SDB Conference of USA & Canada • Very strong in written, verbal, and non-verbal communication

• Demonstrating faithfulness in their local Seventh Day Baptist church

• Able to travel globally as needed

(Don’t let the inability to move keep you from applying.)

Interested candidates should send resumes to Please direct questions to Danny Lee, 386-299-5709. We ask that all would join us in prayer as God leads us to the right individual for this position.

 Board of Managers SDB Missionary Society

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