Helping Hand Updates, 11-20-18

Written by Nicholas Kersten

November 20, 2018

We have become aware of significant difficulties in the delivery of print copies of this quarter’s Helping Hand.  Because of a crowded print and mailing season surrounding the recent mid-term elections for our current vendors which delayed printing and mailing by more than 2 weeks compared to our normal production schedule, we were already expecting delivery of the publication to be close to when the publication was needed–this week in most cases.

In addition to those difficulties, however, we have become aware of another problem as subscribers (both individuals and churches) have begun to see their shipments arrive.  Due to an error by our mailing service (likely a small computer error), names and quantities for the publication have been matched with incorrect addresses.  This means that when a package arrives to your address with Helping Hands, it will likely have someone else’s name on it, but your correct address, and the number in the package will be incorrect.

This error appears, at this juncture, to have been with every parcel that was sent.

We are working to try and find a solution for this issue, but in the mean time, we are requesting that everyone who has not opened their parcels at this time NOT open them. Some of the solutions we are exploring might be easier if your parcel is not opened.

We are aware that this will cause significant difficulties for this quarter.  Please be assured that we are working as quickly as we can to rectify this issue and get subscribers their print copies.  We will be exploring adjustments to invoices as necessary depending on how quickly we can get this resolved.

For those who need material to prepare, at the bottom of this post is a link to the digital version of the publication with the first three weeks of lessons for the coming quarter.  We are hoping to have this fully handled by then.

Pages from 2019 Q1 (DJF) Large Print (FIRST THREE WEEKS)

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