UPDATE: Helping Hand Delays, 11-21-18

Written by Nicholas Kersten

November 21, 2018

Yesterday, we informed Helping Hand subscribers on the blog that we have encountered a significant difficulty in the delivery of Helping Hands for the coming quarter, which begins on Sunday, November 25th.

Today, we would like to update the status of this matter and make a request of subscribers so that we can fix this matter as promptly as possible. We have consulted the mailing service and considered a variety of options on how to approach this in a way that will get subscribers the correct allotment of material as soon as possible.  We have come to the following.

We are asking all of our subscribers inside the United States to refuse shipment on the package that has just (or will soon arrive) if they did not get the correct number of books.  This will mean marking them “RETURN TO SENDER,” and then returning them to the post office. You should not have to pay for the return postage.  You will be able to tell the number inside the package you received by checking the number following the name on the mailing label.   This will be true if you received either too few or too many books.

If you have already opened your package and have the incorrect number, please contact us (using the info below) and let us know that you have opened your package and how many copies you still need or are missing. We will then work to correct your shipment as quickly as we can.

All domestic subscribers will be receiving a letter over the next few days from our mailing service which will lay out this process for those who do not see the blog.

It is extremely important that subscribers move quickly to return their incorrect shipments as we do not have sufficient extra copies to fill orders for churches until the incorrect shipments are returned.  If we do not have extra copies returned, we will not have enough to fulfill subscriptions for this quarter.  We will reimburse reasonable expenses around returning the materials and depending on circumstances, will issue credit for subscribers who move swiftly to help us in this instance!  We know that it is inconvenient for you as subscribers to be asked to do what we are requesting, but we value your help and want to reward you for assisting us!

For our subscribers outside the United States (including Canada), we believe at this time that the problem was limited to our domestic subscribers.  In the event you have not received the correct amount of publications, please let us know about the number you did receive, so we can work to find a solution for you as well.

To contact us, please email or call either Jan Ehlers or Nick Kersten at the SDB Center using the information below:

Jan Ehlers:  jan_ehlers@seventhdaybaptist.org or by phone (608) 752-5055 ext. 1001

Nick Kersten: nkersten@seventhdaybaptist.org or by phone (608) 752-5055 ext. 1006 or cell (608) 201-4850

We are aware that this issue will impact your use of the publication and once we have solved the issue, we will be considering appropriate steps in our billing processes to insure the bill matches the product we have delivered.

If you did not see the post yesterday, we are offering the first three weeks of this coming quarter’s publication free online for download so you can get the material and keep moving as best you can.  The material is available below if you follow this link:

Pages from 2019 Q1 (DJF) Large Print (FIRST THREE WEEKS)

We apologize to all our subscribers and look forward to fixing this issue for you as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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