Updated Salary Guidelines for SDB Pastors Available!


     The Committee on Support and Retirement (COSAR) desires to serve SDB churches by recommending minimum and goal salaries for full-time SDB pastors. 
     COSAR recommends that for churches who cannot meet the minimum salary requirement for their pastor that these guidelines be used to determine hours for which their pastor is compensated for work in the church and to allow other employment to help meet financial needs.      
     COSAR understands that these suggested minimum and goal salaries will stretch church budgets and impact the denominational budget.  Low salaries (and unreasonable expectations) are a major factor in limiting pastoral recruitment, causing stress in the pastor’s family and forcing pastors to leave the ministry.  On the other hand, providing adequate support for pastors is ethically right and honoring to God. Please contact the Director of Pastoral Services with any questions. 

“Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” – 1 Timothy 5:17

You can access these guidelines here: Salary Guidelines for SDB Pastors 2019               
You can access the worksheet that compliments these guidelines here: Salary Guidelines Worksheet for SDB Pastors 2019

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