Conference 2019 – Expected Conduct

Written by Jeremiah Owen

April 28, 2019

We desire to maintain our witness for Christ. Part of this witness is our ability to live as a community that recognizes the responsibility to think of others. One such responsibility is a demonstration of respect for those who need a good night’s sleep. We also want to spare our people from social pressures that might encourage inappropriate activity.

  1. Local rules of the school and facility are binding on all who attend Conference unless changed by the Host Committee or the General Council.
  2. All socializing between males and females (except husband and wife) shall be limited to public areas, or personal rooms (except during quiet hours) in which the doors are completely open.
  3. Quiet hours are from 12 midnight to 6 a.m. each night of Conference. During quiet hours no excessive noise will be permitted. No talking will be allowed in hallways, and no music (such as instrumental, vocal, or from a stereo) will be permitted except where used with personal headphones. Quiet talking will be permitted in lounges, or in personal rooms with the doors closed (same gender only and spouses).
  4. A Disciplinary Council shall be established before Conference convenes.
  5. The Disciplinary Council shall meet at the call of the chairman to deal with infractions of these conduct guidelines. Discussion shall be confidential and shall include input from the person(s) involved.
    • A first offense of the rules will result in a written notice of warning. In the case of a youth being in violation, copies of the warning shall be delivered to
    both the youth and sponsor.
    • A second offense of the rules will require that a violator (and sponsor, if appropriate) meet with the Disciplinary Council to work out an agreement of what type of service or restitution would be an appropriate consequence for the violation. In the case of youth offenders, the sponsor will also monitor the service of the youth.
    • A third offense is punishable by a fine of $50. In the case of a youth offender who is unable to pay, the youth’s sponsor will be responsible for the fine.
    • If the offense warrants, violators will be sent home at their own expense (or the sponsor’s expense in the case of a youth).
  6. All unmarried young people under 18 years of age will need to have their own parents, or a sponsor over 25 years of age, attend the Conference. ALL YOUNG PEOPLE will be assigned to rooms on the same floor of the same dorm as their sponsors.
  7. Parents or sponsors assume full responsibility for the conduct and discipline of the young people whose sponsorship they accept. Such responsibility does not extend to direct supervision when youth are engaged in a scheduled Conference activity.

By attending Conference you are agreeing to all the expected conduct guidelines.

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