SDB Teacher of the Year Nomination Deadline Extended!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

June 4, 2019

Crystal Apple Award

Each year, the SDB General Conference honors a deserving teacher in a local for their efforts in the disciplemaking work of the Christ’s Kingdom in their local church.  Named for the award itself, the Crystal Apple award means to honor one of the best teachers in our local churches each year.

For many years, this award was reserved for those who taught in our Sabbath Schools, but in recent years has been opened to include those who do any teaching ministry in the church.  The faithful work of biblical instruction is an important part of actively advancing God’s kingdom through our local churches and isn’t reserved for Sabbath School!

In order to honor a recipient with the award, the Christian Education Council receives nominations from local churches each year.  This year’s deadline was May 31st, but has been extended to June 14th.

We invite all local churches to submit their nominations by the new deadline.  You can find the nomination form here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Education and History:

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