Prayer and Prepare

Written by Carl Greene

September 4, 2019

As Hurricane Dorian threatens the east coast of the United States, it is a critical time for us to pray and prepare. 

Pray for the people in the path of the hurricane as well as their families.  Prayer for protection, provision, and God’s presence during this season of the unknown for many in Florida and the eastern seaboard.  Specific prayer for our SDB churches in the potential path of the storm.

Prepare.  The forecast of potential hurricane impact is a reminder for us to be prepared to come alongside those who are affected.  One key preparation is to work through the Seventh Day Baptist United Relief Fund and provide resources for people who are affected by hurricanes and other disasters.  All of your donations to the SDB United Relief Fund are used to help provide relief to victims of a disaster.  You can donate online here or you can mail your check to the SDB Center. Please make a note on your check that it is for the SDB United Relief Fund (SDBURF). 

Thank you for joining together as we pray and prepare during this season.

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