Stepping Forward with SDBU


“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


These preeminent words spoken through the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh in children’s literature are a good fit with SDBU classes.  Sometimes lessons in life are caught through experience and self-study.  At other times, there is an intentional step required:  stepping out of your corner of the SDB forest to study with others.  SDBU offers the unique opportunity to study with others in a way that is flexible, affordable, and in context. 

Here is a doorway to step through into a great learning opportunity in January 2020—SDBU winter/spring term classes.  Two of the course descriptions follow:

Intro to the New Testament/SDBU 230:

An introduction to the literature and content of the New Testament from the Gospels through Revelation.  Attention will be given to the cultural, geographic, political and historical backgrounds necessary to understand the text in its proper context.  An introduction to the archaeological and academic concerns around the NT texts will be given.  The form of the NT texts (genre, etc.) will also be considered. 

Intro to Evangelism and Apologetics/SDBU 260:

An introduction to the areas of evangelism and apologetics, with a view towards equipping those serving in pastoral roles with the basic tools necessary to share the Gospel with confidence in a diverse and multi-cultural world, both inside and outside the church.  Focus will be given to identifying the nature of the Gospel biblically, to specific strategies that can be used in the work of evangelism, and finally, to some basic tools pastors and leaders can use to defend the faith. 

As a reminder, SDBU is an education program that is flexible, affordable, and in context.

Flexible.  If this is a season of life in which you are feeling nudged to consider sharpening the ministry tools in your toolbox, or digging deeper into some foundational subjects—or you are dipping your toes into a possible calling to vocational ministry, then SDBU classes are something for you to consider.  The beauty of SDBU is that course content is mainly delivered through online means.  There is also plenty of interaction with instructors and other students to keep the learning in community, while respecting your ongoing life commitments.

Affordable.  Classes are taught by veteran pastors and ministry leaders.  Current and innovative text books and associated materials are used with each of the classes.  At the same time, the course content and delivery is balanced with keeping the cost to students at a manageable level.  To learn more about costs, go to the Ministry Leadership Certificate Program Q&A link here.

In Context.  You can study and engage with other students and instructors without leaving your ministry context.  Not only that, you are encouraged to practice what you are learning in your existing ministry context.

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This just might be a time to step out of your corner of the forest.  Blessings on the journey.

Carl Greene

Executive Director, SDB General Conference of USA and Canada

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