Spring is Coming! And Why it Matters to All of Us.

It is never too early to start thinking about spring–especially since October came to a close in Wisconsin by way of a blanket of snow.  But, there is hope ahead—a great learning opportunity that is coming in the spring.  Registration is now open for Spring 2020 SDBU classes, and that matters to all of us, not just potential students. 

Why Learning Through SDBU Matters to Seventh Day Baptists

All of us learn.  In fact, it is a critical part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We learn about Jesus devotionally so we draw closer to Him.  In fact, we do not just learn about Jesus, but we learn Jesus in order to be missional.  Rather than simply learning about, we truly get to know Him.  In the end, “We need to know him if we’re going to share him as the reason for the hope we have.” (Frost 2016, 71-72).

SDBU provides the context for emerging SDB leaders to engage in learning that leverages existing skills and equips with new tools and information to actively advance God’s Kingdom.  SDBU classes are one of the primary ways that we encourage disciples of Jesus Christ to take on the role of disciple-making follower of Jesus Christ (Gustafson 2019, 11).  Whether we are one of the SDBU students in an intense season of learning that prepares us for ministry, or if we are a part of the disciple chorus encouraging students to see the race through, we all play a key role.  As we seek to prepare Seventh Day Baptists for continuing ministry, we need to be faithful as students and encouragers.    

Looking Forward to Spring

The Spring 2020  SDBU classes go from February 9, 2020 to May 23, 2020.  Here is a glimpse at two of the classes being offered: 

Biblical Preaching/SDBU 211

Seventh Day Baptists value biblical preaching. This course introduces the student to the tools and methods necessary for preparing, developing, and delivering biblically sound sermons.  The student’s coursework will also provide tools to assess one’s ministry context. Finally, the course will culminate with writing and videotaping a sermon which will be evaluated by the instructor.

Practical Ministry Skills/SDBU 280

To help church leaders learn some basic practical ministry skills so that they may begin or enhance their current ministry to their congregation. This creates healthy churches and leaders by giving them the practical skills and knowledge to lead through service to God and the congregation. 

But Do Not Miss the Present.

For the encouragers amongst us, we need to remain steadfast in providing words of encouragement to those who are taking classes.  If you are interested in financially supporting students preparing for further SDB ministry, simply click on the link to https://app.easytithe.com/App/Giving/sdb and select the SDBU Scholarship tab.  In addition, there will be an opportunity to participate in Giving Tuesday – December 3rd, 2019.  This first Tuesday after Thanksgiving marks a time which many recognize as a “global day of giving” that reaches well beyond the interests of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for charitable giving that gives back to others.  The SDBU Scholarship is a great opportunity to do just that.  If you want to participate in the SDB Giving Tuesday movement, click here.  

For students, now is the time to consider registration.  Here is the process:

  1. Your first step to becoming a SDBU Certificate student is to complete the Admission Application for SDBU Certificate Programs. There is a $50 application fee. This will be invoiced to you after submission of your application.
  2. Once you have been notified of your acceptance into a SDBU Certificate, you may register for current course offerings here.
  3. Please register for each course you want to take individually and only register for courses that are being offered for that term. Each course is $125 (except Summer Institute courses) and you are responsible for your own books.

The full line up of classes includes the following:

SDBU 211 – Biblical Preaching

SDBU 230 – New Testament Survey

SDBU 260 – Intro to Evangelism & Apologetics

SDBU 280 – Practical Ministry Skills

SDBU 354 – Sabbath Theology – SUMMER INSTITUTE

     **Sabbath Theology requires 5 days (June 7-11) in person at the SDB Center in Janesville**

Spring is coming.  SDBU spring courses are coming.  Giving Tuesday is just around the corner.  There is a lot to look forward to in the days ahead.


Grace and peace, Carl Greene, Executive Director, SDB General Conference of USA and Canada


Frost, Michael.  2016.  Surprise the World!  The Five Habits of Highly Missional People.  USA:  NavPress.

Gustafson, David.  2019.  Missional Disciple-Making.  3DM Publishing.

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