Looking for a Bible Reading Plan for 2020?

Written by Nicholas Kersten

December 9, 2019

As we approach this end of 2019, it is right for us to start to consider what we will do in 2020.  It’s never to early to plan ahead to make a good start to the new year!

Today, if you’re considering making reading more of your Bible a priority (something we encourage!), we’d like to let you know you have an opportunity to join with many others in a plan offered by our ministry partners in the National Association of Evangelicals.   They have joined to support the “Year of the Bible,” which is meant to broadly increase engagement with the Word of God.

The Bible reading plan they are offering is available in both print formats and online through the YouVersion Bible.  From the NAE’s promotion of the material:

This year’s guide is a special edition in celebration of the Year of the Bible. The 2020 guide features a new reading plan (more details below) to coincide with an engaging 7–10 minute daily podcast (TheBibleRecap.com) that summarizes each day’s reading. Many try to read through the Bible but lose momentum. The Bible Recap podcast is created to empower and encourage readers every day!

The 2020 cover highlights the Year of the Bible seal. With a simple vision to see “more people in the Bible more,” many individuals, churches and organizations have declared 2020 to be the Year of the Bible. We are excited to be part of this effort. Your church is already helping your members get in the Word. Learn about other opportunities at YearOfTheBible.com.

The 2020 guide offers:

Daily readings in chronological order;

Compact design to fit inside even the smallest Bibles; and

Packages of 50, 250 or 500 copies, discounted accordingly.

Whether you engage in this plan or find another, we encourage you to commit to making reading your Bible a priority in 2020!

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