What’s So Special About February 29, 2020?

Written by Andrew Samuels

February 5, 2020

Here we are in the year 2020. Thank you for your generosity in the past. Now we look forward. The year 2020 has so many interesting realities. For example, some consider it a year of vision – 20/20 vision is considered perfect. It is also a leap year. Here is something about 2020 that you may not have realized. There are 5 Sabbaths in the month of February in 2020. The month begins on a Sabbath, and ends on a Sabbath. That is a rare phenomenon.

The Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society has declared Sabbath, February 29, “MISSIONS SABBATH.” On that Sabbath, we are asking all Seventh Day Baptist Churches to receive a missions offering for the Missionary Society. To provide added motivation and enthusiasm, we will award a trophy to the church which sends in to us, the largest “missions Sabbath offering.” All funds sent in by the end of March, will be counted towards that campaign. The trophy winner will be announced, and the trophy presented at our General Conference at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan the last week of July this year.
So, promote it, plan for it, and save for it. You can be a winner by helping your church to claim the prize. In more than 45 countries, the Missionary Society is engaged in work that improves the lives of people and gives them hope for here and eternity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
For this auspicious year, our Conference President, Pastor Kevin Butler, is already exhorting us to “Fix Our Eyes On Jesus,” as we support Conference 2020. We are echoing that same message. With the eyes of Jesus, we can look and see the fields ready for harvest. And harvesting needs resources. Can we count on yours?
Be a part of this 20/20 vision investment. As we look to and plan for the future, with your contribution, the Missionary Society can do so much more on the road ahead.

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