2020 Annual Sessions Cancelled

Written by Carl Greene

April 3, 2020

The Seventh Day Baptist General Council, after considerable prayer and in consultation with the Conference President, Host Committee, Conference Directors, and Allied Societies, has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 General Conference session. This decision was made in light of the significant disruption caused by the novel coronavirus. There is simply no reliable way to plan for a session that safeguards the physical and financial well-being of all those involved in our Conference sessions.

General Conference bylaws grant authority to the General Council to act with the authority of General Conference in all denominational matters between sessions of General Conference. We strive to use this grant of authority to always act in the best interest of His kingdom and this Conference. By God’s grace, we do our best to act with the wisdom that only He can grant.

We know that this decision creates questions related to many aspects of the Conference’s ongoing relationships, ministry, leadership, and decision-making processes. Please keep the people who make up the General Council, Conference Directors, Agencies, and Allied Societies in your prayers as we strive to find answers, cope with setbacks, report on our work, and respond to opportunities over the next few months.

Long ago, James reminded Christians that as we plan, we must be mindful that all our plans are subject to His provision of life and breath. The Lord willing, we will gather in 2021 for the next annual session of General Conference to celebrate all the Lord has done and to marvel at how He has used us to actively advance His kingdom.

Ralph Mackintosh, Chairman, ralphmackintosh@gmail.com

Andrew Camenga, Vice-Chairman, ajcam@ajcindustries.com

Ericessen Cooper, cocoyank@aol.com

Steve Osborn, pastorsteveo@gmail.com

Patti Wethington, nurse_patti@hotmail.com


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