But Wait…There’s More (Virtual Conference 2020 Announcement)

Written by John Pethtel

April 28, 2020

With the cancellation of our in-person gathering for the 2020 General Conference sessions, we know that many will be missing out on the events, information, encouragement, fun, and fellowship that this time provides. 

Good news! The Directors are planning to help provide us with a “flavor” of our Conference sessions during the week of July 26-August 1. While this will not be a replacement for the time that we are used to, it is our hope that participants from across North America (and beyond) will be able to hear about the work that God is doing throughout our Conference of churches, be encouraged by the Word and by song, and have fun learning and playing along with the planned activities. 

A variety of possible plans are on the table for consideration and the Directors are working on the feasibility and logistics of making them happen. A final schedule will be put into place as soon as possible (by June 15 at the latest) and we will communicate again with our churches and via social media/email when our “Virtual Conference 2020” is planned. If you have any concerns or suggestions about “Virtual Conference 2020”, please feel free to contact us or the Conferences Coordinator (John Pethtel)

This is a unique time and opportunity for us to “Fix Our Eyes on Jesus” together. Thank God for His Spirit in the lives of Seventh Day Baptists to help us actively advance God’s Kingdom!

For Christ and You, 

SDB General Council
(Ralph Mackintosh, Andrew Camenga, Patti Wethington, Stephen Osborn, and Ericessen Cooper)

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