What is Next for Diversity among SDBs?

Andrew Samuels and Carl Greene are on a mission together—a collaborative journey that we are asking others to join us on. Andy and Carl share a passion along with the SDB General Council and the SDB Coordinated Leadership Team to provide opportunities for Seventh Day Baptists to come closer together as a people, to harness this unique season of cultural awareness and sensitivity to come to a new place of unity with diversity.

A key to this journey we are on is a culture audit—intentionally asking questions to better understand our diversity as Seventh Day Baptists. More specifically, a culture audit asks a series of questions: Who, How, What, When, Where, and Why.

  • Who are Seventh Day Baptists today?
  • How aware of our own Seventh Day Baptist cultural diversity are we?
  • What do we consider diversity? Ethnicity, age, geography, socio-economic status, gender, etc.
  • When do our actions as individual SDB’s and as a General Conference reflect what we say, and when does it not reflect what we say or intend about diversity?
  • Where does our organizational structure reflect our diversity, and where does it not?
  • Why do we care about unity as Seventh Day Baptists?

This is just the beginning of this part of the journey. We hope that you will be praying alongside us as we seek people to join us in this conversation, and move toward God’s preferable future for us—together.

Carl Greene, Executive Director of the SDB General Conference of USA & Canada
Andrew Samuels, Chief Executive Director of the SDB Missionary Society

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