Scripture Memory Program Updates!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

September 14, 2020

This afternoon, we have some very timely and necessary updates about our General Conference’s Scripture Memory Program!

First, all local SDB churches should’ve received a mailing with the following information:

If you or your congregation have not received that information, please consult our website to download the materials immediately!   This year’s program was once again put together by Conference President, Rev. Kevin Butler around new his Conference theme, “Redeemed for a Purpose.”  Please note that this year a Spanish-language version of the material is available!  Additional material to supplement this year’s program will be available on our website soon.  We are glad for the work of Paula Davis to create this material as we promote Scripture memorization throughout our General Conference!

If you or your congregation did not submit the names of those who completed the 2019-20 program, please submit your names immediately by using the mail-in form or by entering your information online here. (Special thanks to Melissa Brown, one of our summer SCSC workers, for her good work pulling that online form together for us!)

As was announced in the September Sabbath Recorder, we are proud to repeat here the winners of the Scripture Memory awards for the 2019-20 Conference year!

The Mary Clare Scripture Memory Bowl, given to the church with the highest number of recipients who complete the program, was won by the New York City Seventh Day Baptist Church, after several years of dominance by our Toronto, Ontario congregation!

The Andrew J. Camenga Scripture Memory Award, given to the church with the highest percentage of recipients to complete the program, was won by the All Nations Seventh Day Baptist Church, in Gardena, CA.

Congratulations to both our winners!

We pray that in this season you are finding ways to encounter God in His Word and that you are storing up Scripture for the coming days and years!

If you have any questions about the Scripture Memory program, you can contact Director of Education & History Nick Kersten: nkersten(at)

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