Winter 2020-21 Helping Hand Available!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

December 2, 2020


The Christian Education Council is glad to announce the Winter 2020-21 edition of the Helping Hand is now available!  

About this quarter’s issue and theme:
When we say we are “called” by God, we may mean a variety of things. Surely all believers were called into a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As a result, we are enlisted into the ministry of the Gospel as we live as His witnesses and ambassadors in the world. However, that calling does not look exactly the same for every believer. God blesses each of us with special abilities, character qualities, experiences, passions, and spiritual gifts that uniquely qualify us to fulfill a specific role in His mission to bring the Gospel to the world. We are privileged to explore and discover what God’s calling looks like in our lives and then challenged to faithfully obey that calling.

This quarter examines God’s call in stories from the New Testament. The greatest call came to Jesus. Other calls led to the extension of Christian ministry into the known world.
The Kindle version publication can be purchased on Amazon here.  
The PDF version of the publication can be purchased here.

Print subscribers should already have received their copies by mail.  If you have not received your copy and are currently subscribed, please contact us immediately so we can investigate and remedy the situation!

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